Simply me

Who am I?

I am a mother of two wonderful children: Destiny age 14 and Desmond age 11.

I am girlfriend to one awesome guy. Thomas age 42 (didn't want him to be left out since I included the kiddos age hehe).

I am Medical Assistant at a Local Sleep Clinic.

I am a cook (but don't enjoy it).

I am a multi-tasking individual who can accomplish ANYTHING I set my mind to (including this damn webpage design crap!) lol

I enjoy learning new things, and hope to keep doing it.

I have a passion for photography, music, and books.

This list could go on and on, but this is a good start for now.....more later maybe!







What's in a name?

My name is Tonya if ya haven't noticed.

I have had several online names to include:

Tonyagrneyes, Tonyagrneyes1, Tonya0504, TonyaTime and Simplicity.

I am not changing my name to change who I am... usually its just my dumbness showing through and I start something new, and poof there is a new name because I was not intellegent enough to use the same one over and over. Simplicity is my favorite (hince the name of the site) but its not always available on sites when creating user names.... I will just simply stay me no matter what you call me! :)


Current news about me.

I am currently learning to use Dreamweaver and PS3.

I am wanting to learn to be a better photographer, so be aware, if I am near a camera may be too! :)

I am not currently reading a book/novel, but stay tuned may start one soon.

I have weight loss plans, but have been placed on hold due to an injury... stay tuned for updates on that!

We are getting ready for our big Halloween display/haunt on Saturday and will hopefully scare all the neighborhood kiddos....(evil laugh)

More to come....